Polishing your timber floor – water, oil or solvent based finish?

Posted Tuesday 23rd July, 2019

When it comes to polishing your timber floors in Melbourne, there are plenty of great products to choose from. Each type of finish brings its own set of benefits and looks that you can use to style your beautiful timber floors just the way you want them.

Timber floor polishing is an important step when laying new floorboards or restoring your existing timber floor. It provides a protective coating that forms an outer shell to help prevent scratches, stains, and the wear and tear that comes from general use.

Over time, your floorboard finish will be worn down. This is where sanding, polishing and refinishing comes in. Selecting the right one to suit your floor is critical to bringing out its natural glow.

To help you make the choice, here are the most popular timber floor polishing options and what they can each bring to your home.

Water based products

Water products are the new timber floor finishes on the block. They have quickly emerged as one of the best choices for protection of floorboards while also being a top option for a natural look.

The great thing about our water-based timber floor finishing topcoats is they never go yellow, or leave an odour that floats through your house – a problem that can happen when some solvent based finishes are used. Most importantly, they are faster to dry than traditional solvent finishes. This means you can move your furniture back into place quicker and start enjoying your finished timber floor sooner.

Hard wax oils

For a trending, stylish and elegant timber floor finish, look no further than hard wax oils. The right oil finish, when applied correctly, can elevate your home’s flooring to a whole new level.

Perfect for modern homes and those with contemporary taste, hard wax oil leaves minimal film on the timber floorboards. This means you can still feel the grain of the wood under your feet, for a rich and authentic timber experience.

You might think this makes a hard wax oil finish less durable. This is not the case at all – they are incredibly tough and highly resistant with common household stains.

Solvent based finishes

Timber floor polishing solvent based finishes offer a more traditional aesthetic for homeowners. These hard-wearing finishes provide a ‘warmer’ look on the timber. However, they also display the highest gloss and shine out of all of the finish types.

While solvent finishes are more economical than many other products like those water-based, sometimes they can be toxic during the curing process. This means you will have to vacate your home for 7 days or more for it to set. It can also leave unwanted smells long after you’ve returned.

The best polish for your home

When making your final decision on timber floor polishing, all of the above should be in consideration. It makes a big difference, so it’s a good idea to think about them all. The right choice comes down to how you use your floors, and how you want them to look.

If you’re not sure which polish would bring out the best in your floors, ask Enviropro Floors. We’re the professionals who can look after your timber floor sanding, polishing and finishing – start to finish.

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